Quality Workshop

We organize workshops to support the implementation of quality structure and relevant trainings. Theoretical trainings prove to be more beneficial to individuals and companies when supported by practice. We aim to improve practical skills with the help of case studies.

Workshops allow you to focus on one area of expertise where you can reach applicable information through interactive training.

One third of workshop program is dedicated to theoretical training whereas two thirds of the program is dedicated to practice. Each workshop is moderated by three or four experts, which allows for fruitful brainstorming. Participants have the opportunity to learn from experiences in different sectors, thereby broadening their perspectives.

Our customer tailored workshops aim to improve your staff’s behavior in terms of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)  and Good Hygiene Practices (GHP). In these workshops, we create the content in collaboration with Quality and Human Resources Departments, after thorough analysis of data such as customer complaints, audit results and product returns.

Contents of our workshops are listed below:

Quality Function Deployment

Consumer Perceived Quality and customer trends

Root Cause Analysis

Field practices in Quality Management Systems

Simulating the connection between Quality and Production

Quality cost calculations and types

Process Management

Simulating different models (FMEA and lean management )

Preparing risk and opportunity analysis

Connection of High Level Structure with departments

Crisis simulation

BCP (Business Continuity Plan)

Workshops are organized between 11.00 -16.00 on Saturdays. For tickets, please contact us at info@karmalt.com

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