Sensory Evaluation Consumer Panel Tests

Sensory Evaluation is the measurement of the degree which a new product fulfills the customer’s sensory expectations. Taste analysis and panel tests where the test product is compared with the target product and competitor product provide valuable insight for the manufacturer. These tests can be carried out as sensory tasting analysis, washing-performance tests and home tests.

During sensory evaluations and panel tests, groups participate in blind tests or open tests in the panel. These groups are formed in accordance with the manufacturer’s preferences such as sex, age, location or product use frequency. Taste analysis results are interpreted statistically for the manufacturer. As a result of the evaluation, the manufacturer either decides to proceed with the test product or requests further sensory evaluation tests following product improvement.

Karma Grup offers services including organizing sensory tasting analysis in your company, establishing your own panel test laboratory and training sensory panel manager for your team. The steps of our sensory consultancy are: Profiling technique, product sourcing and scanning, similarity and difference test, quality evaluation and statistical interpretation of the results.

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