Gülce Durmaz is responsible for all operations of our company in her role of Company Director.

She has 22 years experience in manufacturing, quality and laboratory departments in food industry. She completed sensory olive oil tasting and sensory analysis trainings of ONAOO-Italy and Instituto de la Grasa-Spain, and she has worked as olive oil tasting specialist and trainer since 2008 when she successfully completed sensory tasting panelist qualifications. She is a ISO 17025 Lab Accreditation trainer and consultant.

She worked for Kalite Sistem Laboratories for 17 years, starting in the role of Chief of Microbiology Lab and held the position of Director of Operations for 10 years. She held the position of Production and Quality Engineer and then Quality Control Manager in Maret A.S. between 1997 and 2001; where she worked as an engineer and manager in laboratory, sensory evaluation, ISO 9001, HACCP implementation and plant hygiene. Gülce Durmaz is a graduate of Middle East Technical University Food Engineering Department and she completed her post-graduate study in Food Microbiology in the same department.